2 dec. 2007

Mary of Nazareth
It was like music:
Hovering and floating there
With the sound of lutes and timbrels
In the night air.
It was like waves,
Beating upon the dhore:
Insistent with a rhythm, a pulsing
Unfelt before.

It was like wind:
Blowing from off the seas
Of other, far other
Lands than these.

It was like wings,
Like whirring wings that fly
The song of an army of swans
On the dark sky.

It was like God:
A presence of blinding ligjt,
Ravishing body and soul
In the Spring night.

4 kommentarer:

gittan sa...

Provar att skriva en hälsning här bland dina fina ord

Middle Ditch sa...

It must be beautiful where you live. That wonderful winter landscape. I'll miss that. I used to ice skate over the lakes in Holland and jump in ditches filled with snow. Here in England it just rains and rains.

Nice poem too by the way.

Middle Ditch sa...

Thank you for leaving a comment. your English is fine.

ANNA-LYS sa...

Beautiful Bigga!!!